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All members of the .@TheCLLS are welcome to attend the AGM of the .@TheCLLS which is being held at 6.00 p.m. on Mon…
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Joint @TheCLLS and .@TheLawSociety response to .@TheFCA Primary Market Bulletin No.20 Consultation on proposed chan…
(2 weeks ago)
Joint response by @TheCLLS and @TheLawSociety to @TheFCA consultation paper – CP 19/7 Consultation on proposals to…
(2 weeks ago)

The City of London Law Society is one of the largest local Law Societies in the United Kingdom. There are 17,000 solicitors practising in the Square Mile, who make up 15% of the profession in England and Wales and the CLLS represents over 14,000 of these solicitors through individual and corporate membership.

In 2007, the City of London Law Society formally separated from the City of London Solicitors' Company to become a free standing local Law Society, confirming its position as the professional representative body for solicitors and law firms in the City.